Jabril Ibrahim Abdulle responds to ongoing speculation for his candidacy

Over the past few days, there has being strong rumors circulating in Somalia and African media that Jabril Ibrahim Abdulle, a leading Somali civil Society activist and Peace campaigner may enter in upcoming Somalia’s presidential campaign.

Many Somali and Somali watchers see Jabrilas young charismatic leader with wider public support among Somalis as a possible candidate for 2016 election.

According to close friends, jabril has been getting calls from friends, MPs, Somali Diaspora, business groups—notably Civil Society groups eager for him to mount a election campaign.

Speaking from Mogadishu Jabril Said “Like all Somalis, I am obviously interested in a good outcome in the upcoming election.  Somalia is at a critical crossroads and it has a small window of opportunity to turn a major corner towards stability and prosperity.

Successfully navigating this pathway will take strong and skilled leadership at home and abroad, which the Somali people desperately need and deserve.”

When pressed on his possible candidacy, he added,”I am currently concentrating on my current job but I am obviously very interested in seeing skilled leaders elected so we can finally move forward.”


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