Former Puntland presidents and prime minister arrive in Garowe to mediate political crisis

The ongoing political conflicts in Puntland have escalated into deadly violence, prompting former Puntland Presidents Abdirahman Faroole, Abdiweli Gas, and former Prime Minister Omar Sharmarke to arrive in Garowe on Monday.

The three leaders arrived in the restive city to help resolve the escalating political tension in the state following the killing of at least 30 people mid-last month over proposed constitutional changes seen by the opposition as a ploy by the current President Abdullahi Deni to extend his stay in office.

The people of Puntland are expected to cast their vote for a new President from January 9 next year when the term of the current president lapses. However, the opposition has claimed that Deni intends to sneak in constitutional changes to guarantee him more time in office. The situation has led to widespread protests and violence, with the death toll rising by the day.

The arrival of the former presidents in Garowe is seen as a step towards resolving the political crisis in Puntland. The trio is expected to hold talks with President Deni and other leaders in the state to find a solution to the ongoing conflict. They are also expected to meet with the opposition leaders to hear their grievances and find a way forward.

Meanwhile, sources have indicated that Puntland President Ahmed Karash is opposed to the president’s attempts to extend his term. According to sources familiar with the development, Karash is expected to make a formal statement on the matter upon arrival from Saudi Arabia where he is attending Hajj.

The presence of the former presidents in Garowe has brought a ray of hope to the people of Puntland, who have been living in fear and uncertainty due to the ongoing political crisis. The trio is expected to use their experience and knowledge to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and help restore stability in the state.

The situation in Puntland has attracted international attention, with the United Nations and other organizations calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. The arrival of the former presidents in Garowe is seen as a positive step towards achieving this goal.

The trio’s arrival has raised hopes for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and restoration of stability in the state. The international community is closely watching the situation, and there is a growing call for all parties to work together towards finding a lasting solution.

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