FIFA President Infantino congratulates Ali Abdi on his election

Ali Abdi Mohamed, also known as Ali Shiino, has been named the new head of the Somalia Football Federation by FIFA, the organization that oversees association football. This decision puts an end to a leadership conflict that had split the nation’s football community.

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, congratulated Ali Shiino on his election victory and expressed confidence in his leadership, wisdom, and experience in a letter dated March 3.

Additionally, he promised FIFA’s support for Somalia’s football development.

Prior to being chosen as the SFF’s permanent president on February 22, Ali Shiino presided over the organization in an interim capacity.

The election took place at the Elite hotel. Concurrently, Hassan Yabarow Wiish was chosen as president by a different group of SFF delegates in a parallel election at the Jazeera Hotel located across town.

The SFF leadership elections that were supposed to take place in February were postponed as a result of the factional fighting, which prompted Somalia’s Ministry of Internal Security to intervene in response to worries expressed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and SFF delegates that the election was being rigged.

The legitimacy of the football association was argued by both parties.

The deadlock also increased the possibility that FIFA would suspend Somalia’s membership after issuing a warning against government meddling in the nation’s football affairs.

The Somali Premier League, the Somalia Cup, and the Somalia national football team are just a few of the leagues, competitions, and national teams that the SFF is in charge of managing.

The organization is currently getting ready for the upcoming African Cup of Nations in Algeria from April 29 to May 19, where it will field its U-17 football team.

Allegations of corruption and bad leadership have plagued the Somalian Football Federation.

Abdiqani Said Arab, Ali Shiino’s predecessor, was accused of misappropriating funds intended for two FIFA projects in Kismayu and Mogadishu and was fired for abuse of power in December 2021.

The senior national football team of Somalia is presently ranked 204th worldwide by the FIFA Rankings.

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