Danab commando unit and Jubaland forces neutralize dozens of Al-Shabaab militants

The Somali National Army’s elite commando unit, Danab, supported by Jubaland regional forces, has reportedly neutralized dozens of Al-Shabaab terrorists, destroying their hideouts and makeshift courts in several locations approximately 42KM west of Jilib town, according to security officials.

The Danab commando unit and the Jubaland Dervishes have orchestrated several operations in the Weel-Maarow area and other locations where Al-Shabaab operatives were concentrated.

Somalia’s state broadcaster reported the death of 40 Al-Shabaab members during the operation, including the leaders and the explosives head of the group in Jubba, identified only as Farhan, and his deputy, Abdi Mahad.

Weel-Maarow, which lies 42 km from the Al-Shabaab stronghold in the district of Jilib, is a known base for the terrorist group’s senior leaders.

Security officials have announced that the campaign’s second phase to liberate the country from terrorism will begin shortly.

The operation was a significant blow to the extremist group’s operations in the region, which has been responsible for numerous attacks against civilians, government officials, and security forces.

Al-Shabaab is a militant group that emerged in Somalia in the mid-2000s. The group has been designated a terrorist organization by several countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. The group has been responsible for numerous attacks against civilians, government officials, and security forces, with the aim of overthrowing the government and establishing an Islamic state.

The group has been weakened in recent years by a concerted effort by Somali security forces, backed by international partners. The Danab commando unit, in particular, has been instrumental in several successful operations against the group, including the capture of several key leaders and the destruction of several of its camps and training facilities.

The operation highlights the commitment of the Somali government to rid the country of terrorism and create a stable and secure environment for its citizens.

The successful operation in Weel-Maarow is a significant victory for the Somali National Army and Jubaland regional forces in their fight against Al-Shabaab. The operation demonstrates the effectiveness of the Danab commando unit and the collaboration between Somali security forces and international partners.

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