Banadir court convenes for corruption case Against Officials from Ministry of Finance and Central Bank

In a hearing held today at the Banadir Regional Court, officials from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank were brought before the court on charges of corruption related to the theft of public livestock. The accused individuals, who were operating at the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank at Aden Adde Airport in Mogadishu, include Abukar Mohamed Ali, the director of the Eastern Tax Office of the Ministry of Finance at Aden Adde airport, Abduqadir Abdi Sodal Abtidoon, a cashier at Banki Dhahe in the foreign income department at Aden Adde airport, and Mohamed Adan Abdullahi, the manager of Bank Dahe at Aden Adde airport.

During the hearing, the Chairman of the Banadir Regional Court, Salah Ali Mohamud Daban, presented the allegations against the officials and asked them to respond to the charges. The accused individuals were all accused by the prosecution of stealing public property. The second hearing of the case was announced, but no date for the hearing was given.

This case is one of several recent corruption cases that have been brought before the Banadir Regional Court. Just recently, four members of the Immigration and Nationality Agency were also brought before the court on similar charges. The Somali government has been making efforts to tackle corruption in recent years, and these cases demonstrate the government’s commitment to holding officials accountable for their actions. The outcome of these cases will be closely watched by the public and international community alike, as they will have significant implications for the fight against corruption in Somalia.

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