9 killed in deadly attack by Gaal-Libah rebels in Somaliland’s Sahil Region

Authorities in the breakaway region of Somaliland have reported a deadly attack by Gaal-Libah mountain rebels on a police force in the Go-dayar district of the Sahil region.

According to Police Commander Mohamed Aden Saqadhi Dabagale and Interior Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, the ambush resulted in the loss of nine soldiers’ lives and left 17 others wounded.

This incident has sparked concerns about the prevailing security situation in the region.

Commander Dabagale, who addressed the media, revealed that the police force was en route to Goda-Yar when they fell into the rebel’s trap. The assailants, who outnumbered the army, launched a fierce attack, catching the soldiers off-guard. The unexpected assault resulted in the tragic loss of nine soldiers’ lives and left several others injured.

Commander Dabagale further emphasized that the army had no prior indication of potential violence and they were not authorized to engage in combat. The soldiers were undertaking a routine trip when the ambush took place, leaving them vulnerable to the rebels’ aggression. The attack has raised questions about the region’s overall security preparedness and the potential need for enhanced protective measures.

Following this devastating incident, Commander Dabagale declared that the police force now possesses the authority to take appropriate action against the perpetrators. He stressed that the duty of the police force is to defend themselves and protect the nation. This significant decision aims to equip the police force with the necessary means to safeguard their own lives and ensure the security of the region.

Minister Mohamed Kaahin shed light on the challenges faced in responding to such attacks. He mentioned that the authorities had refrained from taking immediate action due to requests from merchants and businessmen in the area.

Criticism has emerged from the presidential candidate of the Wadani Party, Abdirahman Irro, who accused the peace efforts of favoring one side over the other.

In response to the tragedy, Abdirahman Irro, during his media address in Borama, appealed for a peaceful resolution to the escalating situation. He urged the armed rebels to lay down their weapons, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and negotiation in fostering lasting peace. Irro’s plea reflects the urgent need for a diplomatic approach to end the violence and restore stability in the region.

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