5 IDPs Die In Mogadishu Cholera Outbreak

Five people including children on Monday died from a suspected Cholera break out at the Sagal IDP Centre in Garasbaaley village on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Radio Dalsan reports.

“There are deaths. So far six people died in this camp. Still, there are some who are in bad condition. We have cases of diarrhoea and the center lack’s toilets,” Mr Abdullahi Abdi Mohamud a Social worker told Radio Dalsan.

The IDPs blame the deaths to poor sanitation in the camp.

They are demanding on the President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed government to improve the condition of the camp which is home to hundreds displaced from their regions in the past famine and drought

Hawa Abdullahi a leader in the IDP camp says they lack basic needs such as food, shelter and toilet.

“We are displaced from Daynile. We now live in Sagal camp. We need help, brothers and sisters,” Saharaa an IDP told Radio Dalsan.

“We displaced from Qoryoley district. We request humanitarian agencies to help us with water, food and build us toilets.” Halima an IDP said.

They have called upon the government, humanitarian agencies and the Somali people to take urgent measures in responding the issue.



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