$5 million bounty for information leading to arrest of Al-Shabaab explosive expert

The United States government has added Abdullahi Osman Mohamed, a senior Al-Shabaab explosive expert, to its most wanted list and issued a $5 million reward for any information that leads to his arrest. Mohamed is believed to hold several key positions within the terror group, including heading its media wing, Al-Kataib, and serving as a special advisor to its top leader, Ahmed Diriye.

The move is seen as a clear indication of the US government’s commitment to collaborating with the Federal Government of Somalia in its ongoing fight against Al-Shabaab, which has continued to pose a significant threat to the people of Somalia and its neighboring countries.

The inclusion of Mohamed in the most wanted list is aimed at targeting the core operational point of the terror group, weakening its ability to conduct attacks and deterring its attempts to spread propaganda in order to attract more recruits.

The US government’s “Reward for Justice” program, which was established in 1984, has been instrumental in apprehending key terrorists and disrupting their networks. The program offers monetary incentives to individuals with knowledge of terrorist activities, encouraging them to come forward and provide crucial information to law enforcement agencies.

The addition of Mohamed to the most wanted list underscores the US government’s commitment to combating terrorism and promoting global security. It also sends a clear message to other terrorist organizations that the US will continue to take decisive action to disrupt their activities and bring them to justice.

As the fight against terrorism continues, the US government will likely continue to use all available tools and resources to identify and neutralize key terrorist operatives, disrupt their networks, and prevent them from carrying out attacks on innocent civilians.

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