Turkey Hands Over Mogadishu Military Facility To Somalia

The Somali government took over the control of Turkish run military barracks in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Defence, they handed control of the 1st Stage Facilities.

”As part of restructuring the Somali Armed Forces, the Northern Barracks – 1st Stage Facilities built by Turkey in Mogadishu were handed over to the Somalian authorities. Good luck to our Somalian brothers,” the Turkish Ministry of Defence said in a tweet.

Since 2011, built schools, hospitals and infrastructure and providing Somalis with scholarships to study in Turkey.

In 2017, the Turkish built military academy in Mogadishu, which is Turkey’s largest military base overseas opened its doors.

Turkish President Erdoğan visited Mogadishu twice.

He was the first non-African leader to visit the horn of the African nation after the collapse of the government in early 1990s.

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