The famous Libyan kidnapper Ma-gefe opens offices in Mogadishu

It is an immature incident that reports saying the famous Libyan national, whose alias name is Ma-gafe has opened an office in Mogadishu.

Ma-gafe is famous for kidnapping all immigrants traveling to Libya heading to overseas in search for better life, after doing this Mr. Ma-gafe demand for ransom. More worse during the captivity Ma-gafe tortures his captives.

Radio Dalsan has been thoroughly pursuing the matter, and come to understand that the office is there and each of the travelers from Somalia, in particular Mogadishu has to pay a sum of 5,100 Dollar, to Ma-gafe’s agents so that they will be free from been taken by Me-gefe.

“I paid a sum of $5,100 to Ma-gefe’s agents in Mogadishu and they gave me the guarantee that, I will be safe from his trap, when I reach the Libyan boarder” says Ismail Abdikarim Osman speaking to radio Dalsan.

Osman Mayow is another Somali national who paid similar money, and hopes that he will be safe from the hands of Ma-gefe.

“I paid money to Ma-gefe’s agents here in Mogadishu for my son to reach safe in Libya, and thanks to Allah he has reached Libya been safe and sound and crossed the sea and he is now in London” says a Somali mother speaking to radio Dalsan and does not want her name to be disclosed in the media.

The identified locations in Mogadishu where Ma-gefe’s agents operate are around Trei-Piyaaano, Bakaaraha market and Bacaad Market.

Since Ma-gefe has established Somali agents in Mogadishu who will guarantee the safe reaching with no abduction of immigrants in Libya the number of immigrants has tremendously increased.

Ma-gefe’s offices in Mogadishu have direct connections with his agents in Sudan, and will copy the list of the names of the travelers who paid all the required costs for their safe reach in Libya.


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