Somaliland invites former Somali President for Independence Day event

The Northern Somali self declared state of Somaliland has invited former federal government of Somalia President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed to Independence day event.

According to Hargeisa local newspaper Geska Afrika (Horn of Africa) Somaliland authorities have extended their invitation to Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Puntland regional state former leader Abdirahman Farole.

The two former federal government of Somalia senior officials are yet to confirm whether they will attend the event or not but political analyst believe it will have both positive as well as negative political implications as far as the future political ambitions of the two are concerned.

Abdirahman Farole and Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed have declared their interest in the upcoming historic elections in Somalia on August this year.

Self declared state of Somaliland which declared independence from larger Somalia but not recognized by the international community and Mogadishu will mark its 25th Independent anniversary on 18th May.

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