Somalia’s new ambassador to Asmara presents papers to Eritrea President

Somalia government has for the first time appointed an ambassador to Eritrea.

Omar Idris on Friday presented his credentials to Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki in Asmara as the two countries gear up to strengthen bilateral and diplomatic relations.

In recent years, Eritrea has significantly contributed to the peace building process in Somalia by providing training to thousands of cadets and other military officers.

Somalia late last year received the first batch of troops trained who returned Eritrea to the relief of thousands of parents who were worried by their whereabouts.

The second batch arrived in early this year and have been deployed in the frontiines to boost and bolster the ongoing war against Al-Shabaab which has so far gained momentum.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has in past two made visits to Asmara to deepen ties with the country in the East And assess the condition of thousands of Somali troops undergoing training in Eritrea.

Omar Idris previously previously represented Somalia in Qatar as an Ambassador . His appointment is crucial to both Nations who have begun strengthening ties during the term of former President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

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