Residents in Garowe town begin to flee their homes as political tensions loom

Residents of Garowe town, the administrative capital of Puntland regional State have begun fleeing the town over impending clashes between pro-opposition troops and forces loyal to the government.

The residents said that they were afraid for their lives after the opposition and government deployed troops to the town.

On Sunday morning, military vehicles  ,armed to the teeth flooded the streets, of Garowe town  as opposition candidates accused embattled State President Said Abdullahi Deni of marshaling elite forces from Bosaso to the town.

Reports have it that the opposition-allied forces have barricaded several neighborhoods in the town, curtailing movement of people and vehicles.

The two warring factions held positions near Addun Hotel but vacated to their bases following intervention from clan elders.

This development comes a day after State President Said Abdullahi Deni called for dialogue with the opposition umbrella over the electoral and political standoff and to avert possible resurgence of violence witnessed in the town in June this year that led to the death of 30 people mostly civilians entangled in the crossfire.

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