Somalia: Ethiopian troops pullout Alshabab takeover

Daybreak reports coming in from Hiran region say that the Ethiopian troops who are part of the African Union mission in Somalia have on Sunday pulled out from Buq-Aqable location in Hiraan region in central Somalia and Alshabab fighters have instantly taken over.

“When we woke up we saw the Ethiopian troops leaving our location and some hours later the fighters of Alshabab come in and now they are in full control of the location” said a local resident in Buq-Aqable who does not want his name to be disclosed.

Buq-Aqable location is some 90km south of Baladweyn town the headquarters of Hiraan region in central Somalia.

The African Union troops have this week pulled out from several locations in Somalia such as Kuntwarey, El-salindi, KM 60 and now Buq-Aqable.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein
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