Somalia and Serbia Enter Deal to Improve Security Sector

In a move aimed at enhancing security in Somalia, the Federal Government of Somalia has entered a deal with the government of Serbia to work together in improving the security sector.

The deal was struck during a meeting between Somali Police Commissioner Gen. Sulub Ahmed Firin and Serbia’s interior minister and Chief of Police Bratislav Gašić in Belgrade, Serbia.

The leaders discussed avenues of cooperation in counter-terrorism, anti-corruption, cross-border crime, and criminal investigation departments.

As part of this cooperation, 44 Somali police officers will soon receive training in Serbia, adding to a growing number of Somali security forces who have received training in the country, including the Somali presidential palace guards.

The cooperation between the two countries has been ongoing for some time now, with a delegation of Somali officials, including the Minister of Interior Security Mohamed Sheikh Ali (Doodishe), visiting Serbia in April to further strengthen the relationship. This visit resulted in increased cooperation between the two countries.

Speaking after the meeting, Deputy Commander of Serbian Police General Miomir Pajić said, “We are pleased to be working with the Federal Government of Somalia in improving the security sector.

We believe that by sharing our expertise and knowledge, we can help Somalia build a strong and effective security apparatus that can effectively combat terrorism and cross-border crime.”

Also present in the meeting was Serbia’s Chief of Foreign Affairs and Interpol Commander Col. Miloš Andjić. The cooperation between Somalia and Serbia is expected to yield positive results, and it is hoped that it will help Somalia overcome the security challenges it has been facing for years.

Somalia has been grappling with insecurity since the overthrow of Siad Barre’s government in 1991. The country has been plagued by clan-based violence, terrorism, piracy, and other forms of criminal activities. The cooperation between Somalia and Serbia is a step towards addressing these challenges and ensuring that Somalia becomes a more peaceful and stable nation.

The training of Somali police officers in Serbia will equip them with the necessary skills to effectively combat crime and terrorism in the country. This will not only benefit Somalia but also the wider region, as Somalia’s stability and security are crucial to the stability of the Horn of Africa.

It is hoped that this cooperation will continue to grow and yield positive results for the two countries and the wider region.

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