Somalia accuses Al Shabab of attacking mosque in Middle Shabelle region

The Somali government has released information regarding an explosion attack on a mosque in the Daru-nimca area of the Middle Shabelle region.

The government has accused Al Shabab militants of carrying out the attack on Friday. While no casualties were mentioned, photos of the damaged mosque buildings were shown on Somali national television.

According to reports from SNTV, Al Shabab has previously targeted several mosques in Somalia.

The Qayyib mosque in the Bula-Burde district of the Hiraan region and the Bahdo mosque in the Galgaduud region were also targeted by the militants. However, security forces were able to protect these mosques. Other mosques in these areas have been closed off to prevent people from gathering and learning.

As of yet, Al Shabab militants have not commented on the recent incident. Independent confirmation is currently unavailable.

The Somali government-led anti-Al Shabab operation, which began in the past year, has led to the loss of several areas to the Somali national army and local militant forces. Despite these losses, Al Shabab continues to carry out attacks on civilian and military targets throughout the country.

The attack on the mosque highlights the ongoing threat posed by Al Shabab in Somalia. The group, which has ties to Al Qaeda, seeks to overthrow the Somali government and impose its own strict version of Islamic law. While the Somali government and its allies have made significant gains against the group in recent years, they continue to face significant challenges in eradicating the threat posed by Al Shabab.

The international community has expressed concern over the ongoing instability in Somalia and the threat posed by Al Shabab. The United Nations has called for continued support for the Somali government and its efforts to combat terrorism in the country. The United States and other countries have also provided military and logistical support to the Somali government in its fight against Al Shabab.

In the face of ongoing attacks by Al Shabab, the Somali government and its partners must remain vigilant in their efforts to eliminate the threat posed by the group. The recent attack on the mosque serves as a reminder of the need for continued action to ensure the safety and security of the Somali people.

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