Somalia: Ahlusunna Waljama releases communique against the consultative forum in Mogadishu

The administration of the moderate Islamist faction of Ahlusunna Waljama has greatly opposed the consultative forum which has officially opened in the Somali capital Mogadishu. The officials of Ahlusunna Waljama has released communique consisting of 6 points about the forum.

1: As long as we are not part of the consultative forum held in Mogadishu we shall not accept the outcome of the meeting.

2: We shall not accept extra period made for the current federal government of somalia.

3: We believe and suggest that one man one vote can take place in the entire country and can be done before the end of the term of the current government.

4: We want to make clear to the international community that the UN representative for Somalia is part of the Somali problem and is not impartial about the political issues in the country.

5: We want to inform the Somali people and the international community that the Somali President has violated the national constitution, because in the national constitution it says that a regional state is valid for 2 regions and more and the people of those regions are responsible for the formation of their regional state and the government’s responsibility is merely to be an observant, but instead of all that the president has instated his own people in the regional states so that he will win the presidential election in the year 2016.

6: We are once again informing the international community and the Somali people that the president is playing new tactics of ordering AU troops to vacate places where they have previously liberated from Alshabab fighters in order to show the world that the possibility of one man one vote in the country is not suitable at this time because of the occupation of Alshabab in some locations.

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