Somali Protesters Denounce Attempted Military Coup in Turkey

Thousands of Somalis gathered in the capital Mogadishu to denounce attempted military coup in Turkey and show support to the democratically elected government of President Tayyip Erdogan.

Led by senior officials Somali government including Mogadishu mayor the demonstrators matched to Turkish embassy compound in Mogadishu Abdulaziz district to show support to the Erdogan’s democratically elected government.

Press statement from President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud government has also condemned the attempted military coup.

Sheikh Mohamud said armed forces must respect the will of the Turkish people and overthrow of democratically elected government is unacceptable.

“It is unacceptable to reverse the democratic path that the people of Turkey enjoyed in the recent times of their history. This was unfortunate and we are very glad to hear that the evil forces who tried to turn Turkey into a violence ground have been defeated’’, said the President.

Somali intellectuals and political leaders also condemned the attempted military coup and took their dismay to the social media such as twitter and face book.

Turkey is a strong ally of Somali government since the first visit of President Erdogan in Mogadishu on August 2011.

Through its international cooperation unit TIKA, Ankara has implemented successful development projects to help Mogadishu road to reconstruction.

Istanbul is also helping Somali government by rebuilding its armed forces.

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