Somali Forces Liberate Two Locations in Mudug Region

Somali forces have successfully captured two strategic locations in the Mudug region.

Government officials confirmed the liberation of Ba’daweyn and Qay’ad on Sunday, marking a major blow against the extremist group Al-Shabaab.

While the details surrounding the capture remain unclear, Interior Minister Ahmed Fiqi announced the successful operations.

Minister Fiqi revealed that the Somali forces effectively cleared and secured both Ba’daweyn and Qay’ad, but did not specify whether there was direct engagement with the enemy.

Moreover, Minister Fiqi disclosed that Al-Shabaab had also been forced to vacate Amara, a strategic location located between Qodqod and Amara itself.

The liberation of these locations paves the way for the restoration of essential services, the return of displaced citizens, and the gradual reestablishment of normalcy.

The Somali government has intensified its fight against Al-Shabaab, resulting in the liberation of numerous areas previously under the group’s control. For over a decade, Al-Shabaab has been fighting to overthrow the central government, but recent operations have showcased the government’s commitment to restoring peace and stability.

The intensified efforts against Al-Shabaab have yielded victories for the Somali government.

Multiple districts that were once under the influence of the group have been liberated.

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