SNA kills over 20 Al-Shabaab militants killed in Awdhegle district

The Somali National Army on Sunday, killed more than 20 fighters in a fierce clash that took place in the Awdhegle district of the Lower Shabelle region.

The operation, carried out with precision and determination, not only resulted in the eradication of a considerable number of militants but also led to the recovery of a substantial cache of weapons.

Deputy Minister of Information, Abdirahman Yusuf Al-adala, hailed the l military campaign, highlighting the magnitude of the triumph. He stated, “Our forces have slain over 20 Khawarij fighters, including senior commanders, and have forced them to flee, leaving their fallen comrades behind. We remain steadfast in our commitment to dismantling the terrorist network in this region and throughout our entire country.”

Horrific photographs from the battlefield, depicting the aftermath of the operation near Afgoye district in the same region, have emerged online.

The images vividly portray the grim consequences suffered by the defeated militants, emphasizing the overwhelming superiority of the Somali National Army in combat.

Al-Shabaab has long posed a significant threat to Somalia’s security and stability, constantly striving to undermine the progress made by the government and perpetuate a reign of fear.

The Somali National Army, supported by international partners, has intensified efforts to neutralize Al-Shabaab’s capabilities.

The upcoming second phase of the total war on Al-Shabaab is poised to further weaken the group, targeting its operational infrastructure and leadership.

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