Senior commanders inspect Galgadud bases in preparation for 2nd phase of anti-Al-Shabaab operation

In a move to bolster the fight against the Al-Shabaab group, senior military commanders embarked on a comprehensive tour of various military bases located in the Galgadud region of Galmudug state on Friday.

The purpose of this visit was to assess the readiness of the troops and strategize for the imminent second phase of the military operation aimed at dismantling Al-Shabaab’s stronghold.

Leading the delegation was Deputy Commander of the Land Forces, General Abdullahi Adan Hussein. Accompanying him were the newly appointed Commander of the 21st Division of the National Army, Abdi Salat Ali, as well as his predecessor, Hassan Jamici. Together, they meticulously inspected army bases in Wisil and Bahdo, among other locations, to ensure optimal preparedness and coordination.

During their visit, the military commanders stressed the importance of vigilance and readiness among the troops. They provided guidance and encouragement, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming second phase of the offensive.

According to confidential military sources, this critical operation is set to commence in the eastern areas of Galgadud, specifically targeting towns such as Elbur, Wabxo, Galhareeri, before progressing westward towards Hiiraan. Subsequently, the operation will extend to the southern regions, encompassing South West and Jubaland states.

In an exciting parallel development, President Hassan Sheikh, who has been conducting a weeklong tour of Galmudug state, is expected to officially launch the commencement of the second phase of the offensive. This announcement will not only signify the collective determination of the government and military to combat Al-Shabaab but will also serve as a rallying call to unite the nation against the common threat.

The intensified military operation against Al-Shabaab is part of the ongoing efforts by the Somali government, in collaboration with international partners, to eradicate Al-Shabaab and restore lasting peace and stability to the region.

Al-Shabaab, a militant group notorious for its brutal attacks and recruitment of young fighters, has posed a persistent threat to the Somali people and the wider Horn of Africa region for years.

In recent times, the Somali government has made substantial progress in weakening Al-Shabaab’s grip on the country, liberating numerous territories and towns previously under the control of the group. These military victories, coupled with effective counter-terrorism measures and the support of regional partners, have substantially weakened the organization’s infrastructure and leadership.

The impending offensive aims to build upon this success and further degrade Al-Shabaab’s operational capacity, ultimately paving the way for sustained peace and development across the nation.

As the military commanders conclude their visit to the Galgadud region, preparations for the second phase of the operation continue to gain momentum. The troops, under the guidance of experienced commanders, are primed for action, ready to take the fight to Al-Shabaab’s doorstep.

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