Puntland backs Jubaland reaction to withdraw support from central government

The autonomous regional state of Puntland has supported the decision of the Jubaland interim regional state to cut ties with central government in Mogadishu.

Jubaland administration has on Saturday announced to withdraw all working relations with central government in Somalia after national assembly voted for motion of no confidence against regional state parliament.

Statement from Puntland president office has condemned what it described as the unconstitutional move by national assembly parliament to dissolve Juba regional parliament.

It added that the motion was against the constitution and will damage the implementation of the federal system which will be a stumbling block to vision 2016.

“The federal national assembly in Mogadishu has by passed article 50 of the federal constitution and thus pushing it to another years of political crisis,” said the statement.

“The regional state of Puntland with respect to federal constitution will stand by all other regional administrations during the establishment and implementation of federalism system in the country,” it added.

The central government in Mogadishu has so far not commented on the reaction from Jubaland and the national parliament action in Mogadishu.

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