President Mohamud meets Female lawmakers from the bicameral parliament to discuss ongoing constitutional amendments

Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has on Sunday hosted a dinner for female lawmakers from both houses of the federal parliament at the Presidential Palace Villa Somalia in the capital Mogadishu.

The meeting provided a platform for both sides to engage discussions on the current security and political development in the country.

During the dinner, President Mohamud commended the female lawmakers for their significant role in the national growth and development.

He highlighted their importance in the ongoing legislative process in a bid to take the country to a greater height.

The President called on them to contribute significantly to the ongoing process to change the provisional constitution which has recently gained momentum across the bicameral parliament.

The dinner comes at critical time when Independent Commission for the Review and Implementation of the Constitution commences proposal for the amendment of the constitution.

On Monday, both chambers received copies of the proposed amendments, followed by briefings from the Constitutional Review and Oversight Committee representing both bodies.

The members were also furnished with a comprehensive schedule for the debates, which are expected to stretch for in the coming days.

The Constitutional Review and Oversight Committee has prepared Chapters 1 through 4 for the discussions.

The debate on Chapter 1 is expected to happen from 14-19 February.


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