President Mohamud boosts morale of troops in visit to Mahas forward operating base

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud paid a visit on Tuesday to troops stationed at the Mahas forward operating base in the Hiiraan region.

The president’s visit to the camp of the Ali bin Abidalib Brigade in Mahaas district aimed to commend the troops for their significant achievements against the Al-Shabaab terrorist group, while urging them to remain vigilant and resolute in the ongoing fight against the Alshabaab .

The visit also served as an opportunity for President Mohamud to express his gratitude for the troops’ efforts in bringing the first phase of the war to a successful conclusion.

During his address to the troops, President Mohamud highlighted the challenges faced by the country at the onset of the conflict against Al-Shabaab.

He acknowledged that the initial preparations to liberate the nation from the grip of the extremist fighters were hindered by adverse conditions, including a severe drought. Despite these obstacles, the president expressed his gratitude for the progress made thus far and offered his thanks to God for the positive outcomes achieved.

The president’s visit to the frontline town of Mahaas in the central Hiran region follows a recent deadly attack by Al-Shabaab on the town of Cawsweyne, which resulted in the loss of numerous government soldiers. President Mohamud’s presence in the region aimed to remobilize government troops and local fighters, instilling a renewed sense of determination and resilience in the face of adversity. Accompanying the president were several ministers and local parliamentarians who also aimed to demonstrate their support for the troops and the ongoing mission to combat Alshabaab.

For over a decade, Al-Shabaab has been fighting to overthrow the central government and establish its own rule, posing a severe threat to the stability and security of Somalia.

President Mohamud’s government has made strides in liberating numerous villages and towns from the clutches of the group since he declared an all-out war against Al-Shabaab. The Somali army, with the president’s leadership, has actively engaged in operations to eliminate thousands of militants affiliated with the Al-Qaeda-linked organization, thereby reclaiming territories and reestablishing government control.

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