Somalia’s Air Traffic Revenue Soars After Class A Airspace Upgrade

Somalia’s aviation authority made a significant move – upgrading their airspace from Class G to Class A.

This move was undertaken with the aim of improving safety and efficiency in the increasingly busy Somali airspace. Now, the aviation authority has announced that this upgrade not only achieved its intended goals but has also proved to be very profitable.

According to the aviation authority, the revenue collection from air traffic has significantly increased since the upgrade. Before the upgrade, Somalia’s airspace was considered Class G, which meant that aircraft navigated based on visual flight rules, without any air traffic control.

However, since it was upgraded to Class A, Somalia now has a fully functional air traffic service, which has attracted more than 500 international flights per day.

The aviation authority reported that, in the months since the upgrade, revenues from air traffic have shown impressive growth. As more airlines become aware of this update, air traffic in Somalia’s airspace will likely increase further, and the country will earn even more revenue.

The move to upgrade was praised by industry experts for being a much-needed operational improvement in Somalia’s aviation sector.

Class A airspace is known to be safer and more efficient, allowing for more frequent and more diverse international flights. Somalia’s strategic position on the Horn of Africa has now enabled it to become a significant link between East and West Africa, providing easier access for travelers, especially freight transporters.

Ahmed Maalim, the Director-General of Somalia’s Civil Aviation Authority, noted that the development aligns with the government’s agenda of fostering economic growth through the aviation sector. This move is a promising sign, as Somalia has been working hard to rebuild its aviation industry and infrastructure, which had been destroyed by decades of conflict.

With the likelihood of increased air traffic, the revenue collection from air traffic is expected to increase even further, making this a promising sign for Somalia’s aviation industry.

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