KSrelief signs $5 million agreement to provide clean drinking water to drought-affected communities in Somalia

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has made a commitment to addressing the water crisis in Somalia by signing a $5 million agreement with a Somali civil society organization.

The agreement, aimed at providing clean drinking water to drought-affected communities, was reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

Under the agreement, 24 solar-powered artesian wells will be drilled, and an additional 20 wells will be restored. Dr. Abdullah Saleh Al-Moallem, the director of KSrelief’s health and environmental aid department, highlighted that the initiative goes beyond just providing water.

It includes an educational program on sanitation and hygiene, as well as training for water resource management committees on well operation and maintenance.

The impact of this initiative will be significant, with over 1 million Somalis expected to benefit from the installation and restoration of these wells. The project will establish a sustainable and renewable source of clean drinking water for the affected communities, addressing a critical need in the region.

According to the Saudi Aid Platform, the Kingdom has invested over $400 million in various humanitarian initiatives across Somalia. This latest agreement further strengthens the ongoing support provided by KSrelief.

Dr. Al-Moallem emphasized that KSRelief has recently launched projects worth $190 million in diverse fields, including community support, health, water, emergency relief, food provision, malnutrition prevention, and empowerment.

The $5 million water initiative adds to the comprehensive approach taken by KSRelief to address the urgent needs of those in vulnerable situations.

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center’s commitment to providing clean drinking water in Somalia reflects the Kingdom’s dedication to helping those in need.

Through KSrelief, the Kingdom continues to implement impactful projects that improve the lives of individuals and communities facing challenging circumstances.

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