Governor Madale addresses land destruction & controversies in Mogadishu

Mogadishu, Somalia– In a highly anticipated press conference held at his office on Sunday morning, Governor Yusuf Hussein Jimale (Madale), who also serves as the mayor of Mogadishu and the governor of the Banadir region, addressed the pressing issue of “land destruction” in Mogadishu and the associated complaints.

During the conference, Governor Madale also spoke about the accusation leveled against the family of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, alleging their involvement in land development activities.

One of the primary topics discussed was the recent destruction of the Kasa Italia land in the Hamarweyne district. Governor Madale made a bold declaration, stating that the land rightfully belonged to Italian government. He revealed that the Italian embassy had formally applied to work on the land, emphasizing that Kasa Italia did not belong to any individual or entity other than Italy.

“As far as we know, Kasa Italia belongs to Italy. The letter sent by the Italian embassy confirms this, and they have requested that the land be vacated. Therefore, Kasa Italia does not belong to anyone else,” stated Governor Madale firmly.

Furthermore, Mayor Madale addressed the accusations made against President Hassan Sheikh’s family, particularly regarding their alleged possession of a plot of land at Kasa Italia. He vehemently denied these allegations, highlighting his intention to uphold justice and his commitment to serving the Somali community.

“Let us refrain from discussing baseless claims about the president’s relatives. Let us ensure that we focus on facts. I do not appreciate being shouted at or insulted while I bear the responsibility of my position. I am determined to carry out my duties diligently,” added Mayor Madale.

Governor Madale also shed light on the issue of land grabbing in the Gubadley area and the Wahar-Adde neighborhood in the Heliwaa district. He assured the public that the concerns raised in these areas were being closely monitored. Notably, he emphasized that individuals with legitimate complaints would find justice through the proper legal channels.

In his remarks, he urged all parties involved to seek resolution through the court system, emphasizing that public outcry without legal recourse would not yield meaningful results.

“On the matter of Gubadley and Wahar-Adde, every party has the freedom to express their views. However, those who believe they have been wronged should seek justice through the courts. Shouting in the streets will not bring about a resolution,” reiterated Governor Madale.

The governor also discussed the situation surrounding the Isbuunyada Factory area near the Aden Adde airport, which had been designated for the relocation of displaced individuals. Governor Madale revealed that a letter had been sent to the civil aviation agency, expressing concerns about potential security risks in the area.

Consequently, he had ordered the displacement of the affected individuals and their resettlement in an alternative location. However, the challenge remained in finding suitable land for their resettlement.

“We intended to settle these displaced people in a peaceful location, ensuring their safety and well-being. Unfortunately, the land that was initially allocated for this purpose was subsequently taken away from us,” lamented Governor Madale.

The mayor expressed concerns about the relocation of displaced individuals near the Aden Adde airport and the challenges faced in securing alternative land for their resettlement.

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