Galmudug State conducts elections for Abudwak local administrators

Galmudug regional state has installed a new District Commissioner and his deputy for Abdudwak after a competitive election on Sunday.

Four candidates vied for the positions in the election overseen by the Galmudug Federal State. 

Muhidin Ahmed has been elected as the new Chief of Abdudwak District while Ahmed Diriye will be deputizing him.

The two won against Mohamed Yussuf and Mohamed Hassan Nur who vied for the positions of the District Chief and his deputy respectively.

The minister of Interior and Reconciliation of the Galmudug State of Somalia Ahmed Jamaa led local legislators and other state leaders in overseeing the exercise. 

Mr. Jamaa said establishing community-owned, functional local governments responsible for delivering services to their population will support the legitimacy of government and foster trust and relations between government and local communities.

The minister said he believes that the local government will become more transparent since the formation of the district council.

“All of us in this hall and the rest in the diaspora are all delighted that Abdulwak has a local council after a very long process aimed at ensuring the District has officials,” said Mr. Jamaa. 

Stakeholders believe that previously excluded and marginalized groups including women, youth and minority clans’ participation in local governance was significantly improved.

The local council will also link bottom-up community-owned approaches to top-down state building, promote mutual accountability and lead to inclusive local governance to ensure delivery of basic services.

The new team will also be engaging with ministries and higher authorities to provide service to the people of Abudwak.

More effective local governance systems that are responsive to people’s needs have an important role in delivering improved quality of life.

They help in reducing inequalities, and forming resilient state-society relationships based on a shared understanding of respective roles and responsibilities.

Other objectives of the local governance councils are aimed at improving good governance, service delivery with a highly decentralized system.

Best governance practices can be achieved through participatory, accountable and transparent local government, and effectively utilizing the limited resources available at the national, state and local government levels.

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