Somali military court sentences man to death for murder at illegal roadblock

The Somali military court has sentenced a man to death by the firing squad after being found guilty of killing a civilian.

The court agreed with the prosecution after providing evidence linking Mr. Abdirahman Adow Isse for the murder of Sayla Abdulle.

The deceased was shot dead by Mr. Abdirahman at an illegal checkpoint in Bal’aad located about 36 kilometers northeast of the capital city of Mogadishu.

The suspect ran an illegal checkpoint where he collected money from drivers using the road connecting Mogadishu to satellite towns. 

He was arrested by the Somali Security Authorities shortly after killing Sayla, a popular public service driver plying the route.

The chief of the Somali military court Col. Hassan Ali Shute announced that the jury found him guilty of the murder and sentences him to death. 

The murder in Middle Shabelle had caused outrage condemnation from members of the public and netizens following the murder on 19th November. 

Witnesses including passengers the deceased was carrying told the court that the suspect intentionally carried out the killings without provocation. 

The ruling comes a week after President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud warned against illegal checkpoints manned by criminals soliciting funds from the public.

While In Adale, the head of state said action will be taken against anyone who takes part in illegal activities, increasing insecurity across many parts of the country. 

Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said the illegal roadblocks have setback gains made recently against the militant al-Shabaab.

The illegal roadblocks are manned by rogue Security Services Personnel and individuals like Abdirhaman and have become a source of revenue for criminals.

Mr. Abdirahman Adow now has thirty days to appeal the decision of the military court.

The Somali milliatry court which has about 13 military judges has since 2017 collectively tried more than 800 militants on charges of murder, terrorism or both. 

Mostly al-Shabab militants, and a few affiliated with the Islamic State group – have been convicted by the court and faced the firing squad.

Serving members of the Somali National Army have also been executed for various murders of civilians across the country. 

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