Fire engulfs Mogadishu’s second largest market, causing extensive damage and loss

Mogadishu, Somalia – On Friday evening, a massive fire broke out in Hamarweyne market, plunging the vibrant commercial center into chaos and leaving destruction in its wake.

Traders recount that the fire originated in the Marwaz department and spread to engulf the Dahablaha Market and the Butcher’s Slaughterhouse.

Firefighters valiantly battled the raging flames, extinguishing the fire, but the cause remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Initial reports from traders suggest that an electrical fault may have sparked the inferno, a recurring issue that has plagued Mogadishu’s markets in the past.

Mayor Yusuf Madale, who arrived at the scene, expressed his belief that power companies should be held accountable for the devastation caused by such incidents, emphasizing the urgent need for improved safety measures.

The destructive force of the fire is evident in the widespread destruction of shops and properties, although the exact extent of the damage is yet to be determined.

Hamarweyne market, the second largest market in Mogadishu, stands as a cornerstone of the local economy, attracting merchants and customers from far and wide.

The fire also resulted in numerous casualties and the collapse of several commercial buildings.

This incident is part of a worrying pattern of market fires in the city. As similar incidents have occurred in the Bakara and Banadir markets recently, which is a cause for concern.

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