EXCLUSIVE REPORT: 11 civilians deaths linked to AMISOM outrages Somalia

Somalis across the country have been outraged by the killing of at least eleven civilians in the last one week all linked to AMISOM peace keepers.

The social media in the country has been a washed by  graphic photos of victims and condemnation by Somalis  with the hash tag #HoldAmisomAccountable #JoojiDilalkaShacabka  meaning Stop killing civilians trending on Twitter and and Facebook.

The latest  incident  saw the killing of five family members in a village near Merca  in Lower Shabelle last Sunday.

According to a resident who spoke to Radio Dalsan an Amisom truck rammed into a home killing a mother and her four children on the spot.

“I can confirm that a family of five that is four children and their mother were killed when  an Amisom convoy  rammed in to their  shelter “  Deputy  Commissioner  of  Merca administration Abdikarim Hasan Hussein  told Radio Dalsan in as phone interview on Monday

“We are investigating the matter and we are in contact with Amisom officials. Those behind the killing will face justice “ Hassan added.

Although the Merca administration says it is investigating the matter together with Amisom the latter  is yet to release a statement  on the incident and Radio Dalsan’s efforts to get comment from the Spokesman John Kibet  were fruitless as our phone calls remained unanswered.

On the 15th December  an elderly woman was hit by a speeding Amisom  police vehicle in KM4 of Mogadishu .

The woman bled to death and Somalia social media went into a buzz with outrage.

“The victim was walking on the right hand side of the  pedestrian lane suddenly swerved into the road of the pedestrian lane suddenly swerved into the road and tried to cross between the convoy” Amisom reacted amidst criticism over after the incident.

“The victim was sighted by the driver when  it was too late to avoid the unfortunate  incident  from occurring”.

But what seems to have triggered the most emotions is the Qoryoole incident  where 6 civilians travelling in minibus were allegedly killed by Amisom.

The gruesome photos of the killing started making headways on social media and later picked by mainstream media.

“11.30 last night Amisom defensive position in Qoryoole     came under Alshabaab shelling with some mortars landing in civilian populated areas” Amisom had claimed earlier before it admitted  later that it will investigate alleged attack by its troops on civilians.

Alshabaab affiliated websites and bloggers had  a field day from Monday  with the photos of the incident providing fodder for their  propaganda against  Amisom.

“Amisom investigating the allegations against its troops and gathering information before releasing a comprehensive statement” Amisom said in its defense.

Meanwhile ordinary Somali citizens continue to demand for answers amidst all this so called friendly  fire.

 Written by Hassan Istiila 

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