Somalia deputy parliament speaker Sadia Meets Defense Committee and Security of the European Union Parliament 

The First Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mrs. Sadiyo Yasin Haji Samatar alongside with the Secretary General of lower house of the Parliament Mr. Abdirahman Muhammad Abdulle (Jaabiri) had a meeting with a delegation of parliamentarians from the European Parliament, which were the Committee Defense and Security of the European Union Parliament.

The meeting discussed the relationship between the two parliaments, and they welcomed the trips that the chairman made to countries in the European continent and the friendly relations he had with the Somali parliament, some of the European parliaments.

The delegation came to Mogadishu to find out about the general situation in Somalia, especially the security and operations in the country.

The meeting of the First Vice President, the Secretary General of the People’s Assembly and the Defense and Security Committee led by Mr. Xil. Nathalie Loiseau inspected the programs to help ensure the security and defense of the country and the overall economic development of the country.

They also agreed to support security operations and fight against terrorism.

Finally, the First Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mrs. Saadiyo Yasin Haji Samatar, thanked the members of parliament for their attendance and observation of the activities and projects of the European Union in Somalia.


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