Deputy commissioner killed in Wanlaweyn district :Somalia

The deputy commissioner of social affairs for the Wanlaweyn district administration in the Lower Shabelle region, Haashim Shareere, was killed on Friday evening in a fatal attack in southeastern Lower Shabelle.

The ambush occurred in the village of Bula Hashi within the Wanlaweyn district, roughly halfway between Baidoa and Merca.

According to reports, Shareere was driving back to his district from Mogadishu when his vehicle was ambushed by unidentified armed factions.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the attack may be rooted in complex clan conflicts, which have been a persistent source of tension in the region.

The incident highlights the ongoing security challenges facing Somalia, particularly in rural areas where armed groups and clan militias continue to operate.

Despite the severity of the attack and the high-profile victim, neither the South West administration nor the Somali government has yet issued an official statement.

The killing of Shareere has been widely condemned by local politicians and community leaders, with many calling on the authorities to take immediate action to address the security situation in the region.

The Lower Shabelle region has been the site of several deadly attacks in recent months, including a suicide bombing in April that killed at least 10 people in the town of Wanlaweyn.


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