Contestants used fake cheques to lure delegates

It has emerged that a number of politicians vying for seats in the ongoing Somalia elections  bribed delegates by using fake cheques, Radio Dalsan  has learnt.

Radio Dalsan investigative desk is in possession of copies of fake cheques that had been dished by contestants in the last two weeks.

Adado and Jowhar had the most cases.

“The contestants used this tactic in the last minutes to lure unsuspecting delegates when they found they had run out of money to bribe us” a delegate who spoke on condition of anonymity told Radio Dalsan.

Most of the cheques  in the possession of Radio Dalsan were from Premier Bank which notably has no branch in Jowhar and Adado while the time when the cheques were issued was beyond the banking hours to withdraw money from Dahabshill.

“I was given a cheque of  USD 7000 by a contestant. When I tried to cash it there was no money” a delegate told Radio Dalsan.

“I am not the only one who was duped. I know of 10 other delegates who couldn’t cash their cheques because they bounced” he added.

Somalia election has been marred by allegation of bribery by contestants seeking to occupy 275 MP seats and 54 senatorial positions with the international community demanding an address to reported electoral abuses.