Banadir court upholds sentences of 36 foreign nationals for illegal fishing

The Banadir Regional Appeals Court has upheld the sentences of 36 foreign nationals who were arrested for illegal fishing in Somali waters. Each defendant was fined $12,000, for a total of $432,000.

The defendants, who hail from various countries, were arrested by Somali authorities in April of this year. They were accused of using two boats to engage in illegal fishing in Somali waters, which is a violation of Somali law.

The case was heard by the Banadir Regional Court, which found the defendants guilty and imposed the fines. The defendants appealed the decision, but the Banadir Regional Appeals Court has now upheld the lower court’s ruling.

In addition to the fines, the court also ruled against the two boats used in the illegal fishing operation. The boats will be confiscated by Somali authorities.

Illegal fishing is a major problem in Somali waters, and the Somali government has been taking steps to crack down on the practice. In recent years, the government has worked to strengthen its maritime security, including by increasing patrols and working with international partners to combat illegal fishing.

The government has also sought to raise awareness about the importance of protecting Somali waters and the resources they contain. In 2019, the government launched a campaign called “Somali at Heart,” which aimed to encourage Somalis to take pride in their country’s maritime resources and work to protect them.

The crackdown on illegal fishing is part of a broader effort to promote sustainable fishing practices and protect the livelihoods of Somali fishermen. Illegal fishing not only undermines the sustainability of fish stocks, but also deprives Somali fishermen of their livelihoods and contributes to food insecurity in the country.

The Banadir Regional Appeals Court’s decision to uphold the sentences and impose fines on the 36 foreign nationals sends a strong message that illegal fishing will not be tolerated in Somali waters. It is hoped that this will deter other would-be illegal fishermen and help to protect Somalia’s valuable marine resources for future generations.

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