AMISOM soldiers decline to cooperate with committee to investigate Marka killings

African Union troops in Somali coastal city of Marka have declined to provide security to inquiry committee formed to investigate alleged civilian deaths by AMISOM troops last month.

This latest allegations come as another six civilians were killed by AMISOM troops in the city after bomb attack on Friday night.

Among the dead are father and his children at their home during an operation by the African union soldiers.

Scores of others were taken by the soldiers during the security operation in the city.

According to sources AMISOM soldiers said they can’t guarantee the security of the task force to the neighborhoods where the killings occurred one week ago.

More than ten civilians were killed by African union soldiers in Marka on 21st July and scores others wounded in what locals said was indiscriminate killings of unarmed civilians in the city.

AMISOM strongly refuted the allegations of civilian casualties saying its soldiers encountered Al Shabaab and killed five fighters while recovering bomb making materials.

AMISOM is yet to comment on this latest killings and allegations of non-cooperation on increasing civilian casualties.

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