Alshabaab leader cautions against participating in the upcoming elections

Somali armed group leader has cautioned citizens against participating in the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections on September this year.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ubeyda who succeeded slain founder of the group Ahmed Godane used his first speech since taking the leadership against historic election in the horn of African state saying it is the plan of Christian’s occupation of Somali land.

He called upon people to take up arms and defend their nation against what he described as “colonist”

In his 44 minutes audio speech Abu Ubeyda has accused African union peacekeepers in the country of committing gross human rights violations against Somalis including rape and killings.

He also labeled Turkey as the enemy of the people saying Ankara is hiding behind humanitarian assistance to loot Somali resources.

The speech comes as the group is losing both territory and militants joining its rival Islamic state wing in Somalia.

Also Somali National Army backed by AMISOM troops pushed the group out of key strategic cities for the past two years but group hit and run attacks is still imminent killing scores of people including government officials such as members of parliament in the heart of Mogadishu for the past month.

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