100 Garissa Mosques Unite: Imams Pray for Peace and Tranquility

Their collective plea came as the government intensified efforts to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for the deaths of 13 individuals within this month alone.

Led by the esteemed Sheikh Abdullahi Adan, Sheikh Ahmed Yussuf, and Sheikh Mohamed Abdiwab of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims’ (SUPKEM) Garissa branch, the imams emphasized the commitment of the government and local political leaders to safeguard the communities residing in Garissa township and the wider county from the scourge of senseless killings.

Expressing their deep anguish, the imams voiced their unwavering condemnation for those who sponsor the taking of innocent lives. They also denounced the dissemination of false information and incendiary messages through social media platforms, highlighting the detrimental impact such actions have on the fragile security situation both in the country and among diaspora communities abroad.

The imams urged users of social media to exercise caution and responsibility in their online activities, recognizing the potential for their posts to exacerbate the already delicate security conditions prevailing on the ground.

In a gesture of solace, the clerics extended heartfelt condolences to the grieving families affected by the recent tragedies. They called upon the security apparatus to diligently pursue the perpetrators and their accomplices, regardless of their social standing or influence, emphasizing that the preservation of human life should always take precedence.

Governor Jama, in particular, took proactive measures to address the root causes of the violence. He recommended an immediate halt to gypsum excavation in quarries, unless the mining companies obtain licenses from the county government. Recognizing the potential role of land-related disputes in the recent spate of killings, he also imposed a ban on the allocation and sale of plots throughout the entire county, with a special emphasis on the hotspots within Garissa township.

Furthermore, the political leaders pledged their commitment to ensuring that any suspicious individuals are promptly reported to the authorities. They implored the Northeastern Regional Commissioner, John Otieno, to ensure that security personnel remain resolute in their efforts to curb the wanton loss of lives on the outskirts of Garissa township.

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