‘we will fight drugs’ – Mogadishu Mayor says after dozens arrested, drugs found in Warta Nabada district

Mogadishu Mayor who also doubles up as the govornor of Benadir, Yusuf Hussein Madale asked the Police Force to deal decisively with cases of drugs, insecurity such as muggings and militant activities.

The Mayor who was patrolling districts including Warta Nabada said the Somali Security Agencies arrested dozens of people including students during the raid targeting drug dens in Banadir Region.

He has called on members of the public to volunteer information and collaborate with security agencies to enhance security. 

“We urge the residents of Mogadishu to closely work with the administration and our security services. Kindly report any suspicious activities to the Police for immediate action to be taken,” said Mayor Madale. 

The mayor who was accopmanied by district commisioners, Mogadishu police boss and other security officials during the patrol underlined the need for security agencies to apply a multi-agency framework and collaborate with other independent offices to maintain law and fight drugs and muggings.

The city administration has moved in to curb the rising cases of crime in Mogadishu prone to attacks from organized crime youth groups and the Somali militant group al-Shabab.

The Banadir regional administration has adopted a partnership approach in addressing security challenges and ensuring police officers work without being intimidated.

The city administrators are puzzled by the runaway crime where often the perpetrators are scot-free. 

Mogadishu has seen a rise in the sale of the outlawed substances, the Somali Police Force said they are now pursuing the masterminds in the sale to protect the youth, learners and other members of the society who are victims of drug abuse.

The Somali government has launched a “total war” against al-Qaeda-affiliated militant group al-Shabab that is seeking to topple the western backed government.

The Somali government has made significant gains aimed at degrading the group since last year September when military operations were launched in central and southern Somalia.

The Somali National Army and allied local clan militias have toppled the group and removed them from more than 70 villages according the Somali Government. 

The Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents have been waging a war against the government of the troubled Horn of Africa nation for 15 years and control large swathes of territory in the country.

The group has carried out several attacks in the mainly Muslim country since Mohamud took office in May, ending a protracted political crisis that had distracted from the fight against the jihadists.

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