Warplanes Launch Air Strikes In Somalia’s Lower Shebelle

Reports that reached Radio Dalsan say that unknown warplanes launched air strikes on a minibus locally known as ‘homey’ in the outskirts of lower Shebelle’s Qoryoley town, today in the afternoon.

The vehicle’s points of departure and destination are not known. People in the area reported that they heard the sound of the strikes and found only vehicle’s burnt remains at Shan Garre which is 2 kilometres from Qoryoley town.

There was no one who confirmed the exact lose that resulted from air strikes apart from the minibus.

Another source told Radio Dalsan that the vehicle was carrying explosives and was heading to Mogadishu but was struck after the security agencies got its information.

So far, there is no party that has claimed responsibility of the airstrikes but for last few weeks, American warplanes have carried out several similar strikes in different parts of Somalia that were believed to be manned by Alshabab.

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