US drone lands in Alshabaab territory

Somali armed group Alshabaab has confirmed that US drone has landed in its territory in Somalia.

The surveillance device believed to have developed technical hitch landed in Walaweyn in lower shabelle province of Somalia.

Pro Alshabaab online news site has quoted armed group top official saying the device belongs to United States and is fitted with spy cameras.

It is believed that the drone has taken off from US base in Beled Ogle air base near the capital Mogadishu where some special troops are based for fight against armed group.

It is not the first time US drone strike has landed in Alshabaab controlled area in Somalia, armed group claimed to have grounded surveillance device belonging to US in Dinsor last year claim that is still unsubstantiated.

US drone operate in Somali airspace to intensify federal government fight against armed group Alshabaab.

Several drone strikes carried out in Somalia by United States has targeted and killed key Alshabaab officials including founder Ahmed Godane on September 2014.

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