SIMHA Concerned About Wounded Somali Freelance Journalist(Photos)


SIMHA Concerned About Wounded Somali Freelance Journalist

Freelance Journalists Muawiye Ahmed Mudey is in critical condition in Daru Shifa hospital in Somali capital, Mogadishu.

He was wounded in a friendly fire between Somali security forces after guards of south western regional state officials and Somali forces in check points exchanged fire during their tour of number 50 area in lower shabelle region.

Muawiye special doctor at Shifa hospital has confirmed to Somali independent Media Houses that he underwent two operations in the stomach and the leg, where he sustained serious wounds.

27 years old was on a mission to cover the tour of regional state officials during the incident.

The cameraman is known for covering the frontline in the recuperating state.

SIMHA is appealing to its partners and other well wishers to help pay the medical expenses of the wounded Somali journalists who is currently in the hospital.

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