Uganda President believes Al Shabaab can’t threat achievement in Somalia

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has said armed group Al Shabaab has no power to face African Union troops in Somalia.

In an article published in  main Daily Newspapers in Uganda, Museveni said Ugandan peoples defense forces which is part of AMISOM has killed over 320 Al Shabaab fighters since 2011 when the group was pushed out of the capital Mogadishu.

President Museveni also argued armed group Al Shabaab has no power to wage full-fledged face to face war with African union troops in Somalia but instead concentrate on hit and run attacks.

On Ugandan peoples defense forces stay in Somalia, President Museveni said the main aim of UPDF is to take part in the return of peace and order in recuperating country particularly safeguarding of the airport and the ports in Mogadishu.

Museveni equally touched on the recent Al Shabaab attack in Garissa, Kenya and condemned while stressing the importance of Cushitic community in the region saying they are integral society in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Egypt.

His comments come amid growing Al Shabaab attacks in Kenya and threats in Uganda since regional countries joined African peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

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