Somalia: Supreme Court ruling over ‘’NUSOJ leadership’’ is a deliberate stab to the nation’s media fraternity and offers impunity to spoilers, warns MAP


Garowe, Puntland Somalia, FEB 11TH 2016 – The Media Association of Puntland – MAP robustly condemns the appalling verdict announced on Feb 10th 2016 by the Somali Supreme Court over the ‘’leadership’’ of the National union of the Somali journalist (NUSOJ) in favor of Omar Faruk.

The astounding move that has been widely criticized by both Somali local Journalist and the Somali Diaspora including exiled journalist is defined to be a blatant gag to media freedom and dismay to the entire Somali media fraternity and a victory to disreputable individuals like Omar Faruk, famously known for his poor records and exploitation of the Somali Journalists resources during his term as the secretary general of the national union of Somali Journalist.

Omar Faruk has continuously abused the mandate and rights of the Media Association of Puntland – MAP and crossed lines with attempts intended to create ‘’chaos’’ amongst the Puntland journalists by installing hate between the local journalists of Puntland and their representative body MAP, while he encountered legitimate resistance. MAP has continuously warned Omar to retreat on the unethical behavior but has neglected and continued to disrupt the Association’s territory of operation, MAP on a serious note extends the condemnation of such acts to those funding Omar to carry on such inappropriate disturbances and promoting injustice amongst the Somali society, MAP will continue documenting those crimes and will be accounted in the soon future.

‘’We will not collaborate at any point with Omar Faruq very clear, we as MAP consider Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim known as ‘’Pakistan’’ as the legitimate Secretary General of the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), and our collaboration with him is and will remain static’’,local opinion is #1 and must be considered at the end we are serving our local journalist, said MAP chair Faisal khaliif in a statement on MAP’s position over the supreme court ruling.

MAP calls for the Somali Supreme Court Chief Justice, Honorable Dr. Aidid Abdullahi Ilkahanaf to consider the alarming demands from local journalist across the nation and reverse back the decision reached on Feb 10th 2016.

Honorable Chief justice the Somali media sector is already skirmishing a degree of impunity on crimes against journalists, henceforth the reinstatement of Omar Faruq will be a total mess and a diminish to the just recovering integrity and strength of the Somali media fraternity, noted Faisal

Court’s decision destructs Media fraternity focus few months to national elections
The Media Association of Puntland brings attention to the entire nation and the outside world that Somalia is set to go for elections on August 2016 and continuity of such disruptions will destruct ‘’fourth estate’’ due responsibility on pre and post elections news coverage.

Today our focus must have been to focus and sensitize our journalists to commit themselves to contribute towards the achievement of free and fair elections by developing the capacity of their respective media institutions and refraining from interfering in editorial independence and the like.

MAP commends NUSOJ for the swift moves taken to date in defending the legitimacy of NUSOJ and that of and Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU), indeed MAP also thanks the solidarity shown by the country wide Journalists who have shown discontentment of the court ruling. Similarly MAP salutes the Somali Independent Media Houses Association (SIMHA), Network Shabakada 2013 and the entire civil society groups across Somalia.

MAP alerts the international community to have a keen take on the sensitivity the court ruling carries, more so in a moment the Somali Media practitioners have been disrupted from other priorities including the upcoming elections and security issues, among others.

On a closure note, the Media Association of Puntland – MAP strongly backs the National Union of the Somali Journalist (NUSOJ) under the legitimate leadership of Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim on defending the Somali Media Fraternity position and will continuously work hand-in-hand to demand the Somali Supreme court to shrink back from the outrageous ruling.


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