Special Envoy for Drought Relief Highlights Government Incompetence Amidst Heavy Rains and Severe Floods

Somalia’s Special Envoy for Drought Relief, Abdishakur, has criticized government institutions for their incompetence in providing adequate public services.

His comments come just a day after torrential rains in the capital city of Mogadishu led to severe flooding, which blocked traffic in several neighborhoods.

Abdishakur mentioned the government’s failure to provide essential public services, including maintaining the drainage system — which has not been given attention in over 30 years.

In a Facebook post, Abdishakur pointed to the lavish overseas trips taken by government officials, highlighting how their pursuits undermine national interests while prioritizing individual gains.

He added that only the incumbent President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, is genuinely committed to fighting the Al-Qaeda-affiliate of Al-Shabaab, while other government officials focus on their own interests.

The envoy’s comments echo his previous allegations that the Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre, has failed to achieve cooperation between governmental ministries and institutions, including in response to severe flooding that affected thousands of people.

Several weeks ago, the Government of Serbia pledged to assist Somalia in improving its drainage system.

The recent series of devastating floods in the country have caused significant damage to infrastructure and thousands of lives.

Somalia has been working to restore stability and rebuild its infrastructure after decades of civil war, and there is an urgent need for concerted efforts from the government and allies to improve the country’s infrastructure, including drainage systems.

Ensuring a functional and efficient infrastructure, providing essential services such as drainage systems, is essential for citizens to move safely and freely.

These improvements are critical for Somalia’s continued development, and government officials must work together towards implementing long-lasting solutions to address these challenges.

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