Somaliland’s Kulmiye Party Elects New Chairman, Succeeding President Bihi

Somaliland’s ruling Kulmiye party has chosen long-serving politician and current interior minister, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, as its new chairman.

This decision transition for the party comes as it gears up for the upcoming elections in the following year. President Muse Bihi, who previously held the position, will continue to represent the party as its flag bearer in the December 2024 elections.

Kahin’s ascension to the party’s leadership has long been anticipated, and his selection has received glowing praise from Bihi, who deemed him the “most worthy candidate” due to his extensive service to the people of Somaliland.

Party Leadership Transition:

During the highly anticipated party convention, delegates from across Somaliland convened to decide on the new chairman who would guide Kulmiye through the critical upcoming elections. After careful consideration and deliberation, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed emerged as the chosen leader, succeeding President Muse Bihi. This decision represents a pivotal moment for the ruling party, as they entrust Kahin with the responsibility of leading them into the future.

Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, a founding member of Somaliland’s political landscape, has been a prominent figure in the country’s political arena for many years. His long-standing dedication to public service has garnered him immense respect and recognition among his peers and constituents alike. President Muse Bihi, acknowledging Kahin’s unwavering commitment to the people of Somaliland, expressed his confidence in Kahin’s ability to steer the party toward continued success.

Although President Muse Bihi is stepping down as chairman of the Kulmiye party, he remains a pivotal figure within the organization.

Joining Mohamed Kahin Ahmed in the party’s leadership is Mohamud Hassan Saajin, who was elected as the vice chairman of the Kulmiye party. Saajin’s election further reinforces the party’s commitment to inclusivity and broad-based representation, as they seek to appeal to a diverse array of voters in the upcoming elections.

Together, Kahin and Saajin will spearhead the party’s efforts, drawing on their respective strengths and expertise to navigate the complex political landscape of Somaliland.

Extension of President Bihi’s Term:

President Muse Bihi’s term in office was initially scheduled to conclude in November of this year. However, the House of Elders (Guurti) voted last October to extend his tenure by an additional two years.

This decision aimed to provide the president with an extended period to continue implementing his policies and overseeing the development of Somaliland. With his continued involvement in the party and his forthcoming candidacy in the December 2024 elections, President Bihi remains a central figure representing both continuity and progress for the Kulmiye party.

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