Somaliland Threatens Retaliation As Puntland Deploys Troops In Sool

Tension is high in the disputed Sool after Puntland deployed more troops in the area in an attempt to recapture Tukaraq which fell to Somaliland  last week.

Reacting to the latest military build up by Puntland the Somaliland Governor of the region Abdi Khayre Dirir warns of retaliation.

“We hear they deployed forces at the Familyaale stretch. The forces deployed by Puntland are there unfairly. These are forces who want to take land which does not belong to them. They are forces who want to rule people who don’t want them” Dirir said.

“The Somaliland army is there to defend the nation, to defend the land, to defend the people. And that is their constitutional obligation. So they are obligated to fulfil their national duties” added Dirir.

Puntland President recently issued a tough message to the Hargeisa administration warning it “pay”  for the capture of Tukaraq a strategic town in the disputed region.

Tukaraq was previously previously administered by Puntland.



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