Somaliland ruling party deputy chairman resigns, joins SCC-Khatumo administration

The third deputy chairman of Somaliland’s ruling party, Hussein Aden Adde, has joined the newly formed SSC-Khatumo administration.

The third deputy chairman of the Kulmiye party announced his resignation from Somaliland politics on Monday in an interview with SOMNEWS TV in Las Anod town.

In addition to praising the SSC for their yearlong struggle against Somaliland, he expressed support for their desire to become a regional state under the federal government.

Hussein had initially allied with Somaliland’s army before the conflict. The shift comes five months after Abdirisakh Khalif Ahmed, the Somaliland Speaker of Parliament, resigned and joined the SSC-Khatumo administration.

Meanwhile, tensions continue to rise in the Buqdharkayn area, where the Somaliland army and SSC-Khatumo recently clashed.

The SSC-Khaatumo state recently displayed at least ten prisoners from the Somaliland forces during the battles in the Buqdharkayn area.

Recently, the Somali government recognized SSC-Khatumo as an interim administration that will be directly answerable to Mogadishu after 8 months of conflict.

FGS insisted that Somalia remains a unitary country, adding that those pushing for secession will not be “tolerated”.



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