Somaliland President pledges prompt response against rebels forces that killed nine officers

President of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi declared to retaliate against the anti-government rebel forces behind the ambush attack last week near the Ga’an Libah Mountains that left nine police officers dead and 17 others wounded. President Bihi said that everyone involved in the plotting and murder, including the perpetrators and accomplices, will be held accountable by the law while attending the funeral for the killed soldiers in Hargeisa on Sunday.

He emphasized the need for unity in order to defend Somaliland and the importance of consultation, dialogue, and integration in order to reach objectives. President Bihi argued that all parties should approach the impending election by reaching consensus. President Bihi noted that the conflict in Las Anod began after opening of the political organization contest, and another group took up arms when the election timeline was announced. . He emphasized the need to look into how these events are connected.

Sporadic shelling throughout the day has resulted in the loss of four lives in contested Laascaanod region yesterday.

Abdirahman Irro, the presidential hopeful for the Wadani Party, urged the government and the rebel group to settle their differences through amicable negotiation few days ago. He urged the government to withdraw its military forces from the heavily rebelled area and demanded that the rebels put down their weapons. The president of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, however, downplayed the threat posed by the rebel forces last month, saying that the Somaliland population was not prone to fighting. On the other hand, the spokesman for the rebel militia opposed to the government stationed in the Ga’an Libah Mountains claimed that recent militia actions were reaction to President Bihi’s use of force against the opposition.

Following more than 25 years of stability, Somaliland – a breakaway region of northern Somalia which seeks international recognition – has been jolted by armed conflict that may sabotage it’s struggle for international recognition


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