Somaliland Parliament Speaker Resigns and Joins SCC-Khatumo Administration

Abdirisakh Khalif Ahmed, the Speaker of Parliament for the self-declared state of Somaliland, has resigned amidst a prosecution led by the attorney general’s office. Ahmed has been accused of undermining the legitimacy of the self-proclaimed republic.

In a press conference held in the contested town of Las Anod, Ahmed announced his resignation from his roles as the Speaker of the Somaliland Parliament, a member of the House, and a member of the Wadani party.

His resignation comes in the wake of the Security Council’s expressed concerns about the persistent violence in Las Anod, located in the Sool region of northern Somalia.

The ongoing conflict in Las Anod has resulted in a significant number of civilian casualties and has displaced over 150,000 people. Ahmed welcomed the recent statement from the United Nations Security Council, which called for an immediate withdrawal of the Somaliland security forces and implored all parties to maintain restraint.

The Speaker expressed his appreciation to the federal government, the Puntland administration, elders, communities, journalists, social media users, and members of the Somaliland Parliament for their support of the people of Las Anod.

He added that the leaders of Somaliland would be held accountable for the crisis in Las Anod.

As the situation in Las Anod remains tense, the resignation of Ahmed is likely to have far-reaching implications, and the political landscape of Somaliland is expected to undergo significant changes in the coming days.

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